How to File Workers Comp in Florida? | Call at 561-687-5660

In  a workers compensation case witness is very important.  When you have no witness for your workers compensation case you can do the following things:

  • You should report the injury to a supervisor immediately after it occurs
  • Go to hospital and fix an appointment with a doctor for your injury.
  • Then report a workers compensation claim.
  • Report work related injury within a specific time period.

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Unemployment Compensation And Workers Compensation Benefits | Call : 561-687-5660

Unemployment Compensation And Workers Compensation Cross To Each Other Because You Will Get Workers Compensation When You Are Employee.

Contact at Scott J. Sternberg and Associates, P.A. for experienced legal help with Workers compensation claims in Florida. We have an excellent team of experts who can provide you the result as you deserve.

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Workers Compensation Benefits in Florida

Are minors entitled to workers compensation benefits in Florida? If you are hurt at work due to a work related cause you are covered under Florida Workers Compensation Laws. Contact the Workers’ Compensation Lawyer in Orlando, Boca Raton or West Palm Beach Florida, who are professional and knowledgeable at Scot J. Sternberg & Associates with any workers compensation questions.

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