Happy 4th of July


If we never forget that we are one nation under god, then we will be a nation gone under. Happy 4th of July!!


What if My Work Accident Was My Own Fault?

Worker with safety boots steps on a nail

One of the greatest benefits behind workers’ compensation is that it is a no-fault system. That means that as long as you meet certain qualifications, adhere to all requirements, then applying for benefits will be easier.

The employer’s primary concern is that the injury did, in fact, happen while you were at work. There are only a few exceptions to this general rule.

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Top Fatal Work-Related Accidents and Deaths in Florida

Top Fatal Work-Related Accidents and Deaths in Florida

Florida ranks high in total number of on-the-job injuries, following only Texas and California. Specific industries have a higher rate of injuries than others. Florida is unique in that some of our industries have a very different accident occurrence level than most of the United States.

In 2013, there were approximately 4,400 fatal work injuries that occurred across the United States. This means that there are roughly 12 work-related deaths every day. Transportation accidents produced the highest number of fatalities in the United States. Read More at http://www.sternberglawoffice.com/top-fatal-work-related-accidents-and-deaths-in-florida/