How to Make Your Personal Injury Case Succeed

best personal injury lawyers west palm beach flYes, this is the job of your lawyer, but knowing the ingredients of personal injury case success enables you to spot the best lawyers available in your area. Personal injury cases range from falling objects, to motorcycle and truck accidents, to slip and falls and car accidents. You will most likely be making a claim against an insurance company that wants to beat your case so it doesn’t have to pay out. With a lawyer statistics show you can earn three times as much money than without one. Follow the five steps below to make sure that you get the highest possible payout, then contact a best personal injury lawyer West Palm Beach, FL today.

Statute of Limitations

Before you pursue a case regarding your personal injury, you need to keep the statue of limitations in mind because you might not be able to even file. Your lawsuit must be filed by a certain date, usually within a year or so, depending on the state in which you live. In some cases you need to notify the responsible person within 90 days or you can never file a claim.

1. Medical Attention: You need to get medical attention no matter what because it makes sure you stay safe and documents your pain and suffering. If you fail to go to the doctor the insurance company will claim you were not suffering, so you do not need compensation as a result.

2. Guard Your Rights: Do not discuss your personal injury details with your insurance company representative. Only provide the necessary information you need to make a claim. They will use anything you say against you in order to try not to pay out. Insurance companies again will do whatever it takes to protect their profits, so you need to protect your claim. Do not even say that you are fine in passing, even as a greeting, because this can be used against you as well.

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3. Document Everything: Personal injury lawsuits depend on thorough documentation. Emails and other correspondence, such as that from attorneys, healthcare providers and insurers, should always be maintained. Also document phone conversations about the incident including who you spoke to, what time you spoke and what was said or promised, such as a supervisor’s review, settlement check or letter. Details and statistics are the focus of your insurance company, not emotions.

4. Follow Through: If you don’t follow through you won’t win your case, and this is the biggest reason in fact that plaintiffs fail to get the compensation they deserve. Insurance companies may promise full compensation but this isn’t really their goal as they try to get you to settle for much less. If your insurance fails to follow through, contact them until they do — they are hoping you will give up.

5. Talk to an Attorney: You need a professional to back you up when attempting to get compensation for your personal injury. Most attorneys understand intimately how insurers deal with litigation; they do not have a rosy view of insurance companies by any means, and that’s why they are able to win cases. The system works against you, not for you, no matter what you have heard. Talk to your attorney to help determine how much you need to seek in terms of pain, suffering, medical expenses and lost wages.

Contact a West Palm Beach Injury Lawyer Today

You already know from reading the above that you need to retain representation to get the biggest payout in your personal injury case. Are you ready to discuss your case? Contact Scott J. Sternberg & Associates today.


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